Donovan Blade

Donovan Blade is one of the few characters on Lalakrose who is still a Sim. He is a character on Lalakrose's version of Fantasim Land, not to be confused with the Sims 3 Fantasim Land RPG, though he is also an active character there. Donovan is an immortal demon.

Donovan, father of King Cinder, has a long and detailed past. He was born a few years before the Era of Darkness and lived through it. During that time he found a spell book titled The Book of the Demon Nobles. With a spell in that book he made both himself and a friend, Bruce Marton, immortal. Currently, he possesses both copies of the spell book.

After the Era of Darkness had finished, Donovan and Bruce parted ways and Donovan went to hide in the mountains until it was actually legal for him to be in Fantasim Land. He stayed there longer than he had expected and built himself a mansion.

Twenty-one years before King Cinder would take his place at Queen Eldria's side, Donovan had a small affair with a fire fairy. Unfortunately, she happened to be insane...literally. He fled back to the mountains after one splendid night with her and found out later that a child had resulted: Cinder Flame.

Sixteen years later, Cinder ran away from home and Donovan contacted him through a dream. The first time Donovan saw his son up close and personal, the poor boy had just lost part of his wing and was in severe pain. Needless to say, Cinder was pissed at Donovan for leaving him with his psychotic mother.

Five years passed and Cinder, after hiding out in the Dark Woods all that time, returned to Fantasim Land and met Queen Eldria. They soon fell hopelessly in love and Cinder proposed. Of course, byt then, Eldria was expecting. Cinder contacted Donovan and invited him to the wedding while Eldria left to go to Delacel and have her dress made by her best friend, Princess Skye Delacel.

When the time for the wedding soon came, both Donovan and the Delacels came to Fantasim Land for the wedding. It was love at first sight for Donovan and Skye. After Eldria's and Cinder's wedding, Donovan proposed to Skye. She happened to be pregnant, but lost the baby. They were wed and managed to get pregnant again on their honeymoon. Skye died giving birth to the twins Violet and Indigo.

Not long after that, Donovan was appointed one of the Lords of Fantasim Land. He wore the title with pride, just as he wore his and Skye's wedding rings on a chain around his neck.

Currently, Donovan is the Royal Advisor as well as the last remaining Lord of Fantasim Land.

Donovan is romantically involved with Queen Adella Lightearth , having finally moved on after the loss of his wife Skye.