Hailey Miller

Hailey Miller is a character on Lalakrose's The Internet Ad RPG. She is an 18-year-old female.

Hailey's family is old, old money. They own vacation homes in France and Egypt, a successful ranch in Appaloosa Plains, and several businesses in Bridgeport. Hailey has never known anything but fine dining, exquisite gowns, horseback and piano lessons, and being a prim and proper lady. Her parents have even arranged her marriage to a young man from another rich old family, his family living in Twinbrook. Hailey was browsing the internet when she found the ad posted by the Burberry family, and she was immediately curious. She told her parents she was going to Bridgeport to spend a week with a childhood friend who had moved, she told her friend to cover for her if her parents contacted her, and she headed off for the Burberry house.