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Image accompanying The Internet Ad.

WANTED: Girls in the Riverview area willing to spend a week as obedient sluts in our home. Girls must be obedient, unquestioning, and open to new experiences. They must be petite, attractive and young, between 17 and 22. Those interested should contact Robert or Clarissa Burberry at 555-7588.

The Internet Ad is an RPG on Lalakrose following four characters: Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Clarissa Burberry, Hailey Miller , and Bonnie Lothe . Mr. and Mrs. Burberry have put through and ad, and Hailey and Bonnie have responded. The RPG is currently active and has one instalment thus far.

The StoryEdit

The RPG opens with Mr. and Mrs. Burberry awaiting the arrival of the girls. Bonnie arrives first, having driven to the mansion, and the couple greets her. Robert takes her into the sitting room while Clarissa waits for Hailey, and he has Bonnie strip down for him.