The image accompanying The Lost Isle roleplaying game.

The Lost Isle was the first RPG created on Lalakrose. After a luxury cruise ship sinks, eight passengers find themselves washed up on a lost island. Among them are Tessa Jacobs, a hairstylist from New Jersey; Rosaline Avenue, a rich spoiled daddy's girl from Bridgeport; Jackson Parker, a journalist from Bridgeport; Mike Lane, a sex offender; Abbie Carter, a young woman who has worked hard to get where she is financially; Bradley Davidson, a man who lost his fiancée on the ship; Deanna Florence, an ex-strip dancer; and Ignatius Kahn, a blind lawyer from Bridgeport. The RPG only has one instalment and is no longer active.

The beginning starts with utter chaos as everybody tries to figure out where they are and what to do. Jackson and Deanna are revealed to be exes and instantly start bickering between themselves, Jackson trying to make good use of their island vacation by winning her back while Deanna refuses, believing he cheated on her. Mike approaches pretty Abbie, figuring she'd be an easy target, while Ignatius and Rosaline sit in the sand and talk. Bradley wanders off, sad.

Abbie and Mike instantly take a liking to each other and head into the jungle to have sex. Deanna wanders off, irritated with Jackson, and finds an old wooden crate. She brings it back to the group, and they get to work collecting the things they'll need to build a fire. Ignatius manages to keep his blindness secret from the others, agreeing to lift whatever the girls find.

Afterwards, Rosaline and Ignatius sit on the beach. Rosailne is upset, wanting to go home. Ignatius comforts her. She asks him why he's always looking weird places, since his blindness doesn't allow him to make eye contact and he instead often stares past people. He doesn't tell her. He plays with her hair for a bit and she comments that she's surprised he hasn't asked why it's blue yet. He didn't know it was blue and plays along, asking like she'd wanted. Rosaline kisses him, and before they get very far, he stops her to tell her his secret. She doesn't mind, though, only worries that her parents won't approve. They leave the group to be alone and end up making love on the beach.

In the morning, the pair do it again. Rosaline confesses to Ignatius that she's worried her parents won't approve of him, but Ignatius is certain her parents will approve, finally telling her that he's one of the best, most highly respected lawyers around. Bradley, meanwhile, returns to the group, saying he has something to show them. He takes them to an underground cave filled with bones and skulls, thoroughly freaking everyone out.

Abbie and Mike run off to have sex again. Jackson discovers a coconut on a tree and climbs up to get it while Deanna watches, unwilling to admit when he gets the coconut that she's impressed.